Labels are key/value pairs attached to skillets. Labels are optional and allow adding additional parameters to Skillets that may not be implemented by all Tools. Labels can be used for grouping, searching, sorting, and identifying skillets beyond just a ‘name’ attribute. Labels can be used to extend Skillet functionality in arbitrary ways going forward. This behaviour is very much influenced by BGPv4 labels and Kubernetes labels.

Panhandler Supported Labels

Panhandler recognizes the following labels:

  • collection

    The collection label is used to group like Skillets. A skillet may belong to multiple collections. The collection label value is a list of collection to which the skillet belongs.

    - Example Skillets
    - Test Skillets
    - Validation Skillets
  • order

    Panhandler uses the ‘order’ label to sort the Skillets. Skillets without an ‘order’ label are sorted alphabetically by their ‘label’ attribute. Skillets with a lower ‘order’ tag will be display before those with a higher ‘order’ tag.

  order: 10
  • help_link

    The help_link label can be used to display a link to additional documentation about a skillet. This will be shown in the ‘Help’ dialog from the ‘?’ icon in the top right hand corner of the Skillet input form.

  • help_link_title

    The help_link_title will set the displayed title of the help_link in the Help dialog.

  help_link_title: All available Variable Documentation